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AP Controller Technology

With the BYOD trend accelerating, Wi-Fi connectivity is now widely provided everywhere in offices, hotels and even schools. This significantly and quickly increases demand for Wi-Fi access points, which in turn leads to more provisioning and management issues for network administrators. In fact, a well-designed WLAN controller is usually a solution to relieve administrators from these problems.

Now, Zyxel makes its advanced AP Controller (APC) technology available not only to stand-alone NXC WLAN controllers, but also to its various Gateway products. This enables businesses to easily scale up their Wi-Fi networks with less investment and management efforts.

  1. *: Supported from APC1.97 or above.
  2. *: With UAG firmware ZLD4.15 or above
  3. *: Supports APC3.0 in Nov. 2017
  4. *: Available with ZLD4.30 or above
  5. *: From APC3.0, commercial gateways supporting APC technology are able to recognize APs with FW release higher than APC3.0 as Forward Compatible APs. Customers are able to introduce new AP technology with basic features support while staying with existing APC device FW if needed.
APC Version
APC Lite
RRM (Radio resource management)
Client RSSI threshold v v v
Dynamic channel selection DCS3.0 DCS3.0 v
Band steering (Band select) v (2.0) v (2.0) -
Auto power (Auto healing) v v -
Security & Access Control
MAC filtering v v v
Blocking Intra-BSS Traffic v v v
Role-based access control v v -
Rogue AP detection v v -
Rogue AP containment v v -
Wireless L2 Isolation v v v
AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)
MAC authentication with local database v v -
MAC authentication with external Radius v v -
Captive Portal (internal & external) v v v
Captive Portal customizable
web login page
v v v
Dynamic guest account v v -
RADIUS authentication v v v
Microsoft AD authentication v v -
LDAP authentication v v -
embedded RADIUS server v v -
RADIUS accounting v v -
RADIUS Session resumption v v -
Log-out page v v -
Portal redirect on AP v*1 v*1 -
802.1X Accounting with Managed AP v v*1 -
Wireless QoS
AP load balancing v (1.5) v (1.5) -
Smart Classroom Load balancing v v -
802.11r support for Fast Roaming enhancement v - -
WLAN Station bandwidth limiting v v v
Data tunneling v v*1 -
ZyMesh v v*1 -
ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer)
AP Planning
v v v
ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer)
Coverage detection
v v -
AP Group v v -
CAPWAP discovery method v v v
Diagnostic Tool
Wireless frame capture v v -
High Availability
Primary/Secondary controller support v v -
License SKU
MAPS v v v
ZyMesh License v*2 v*2 -

*1: When works with NXC2500 or NXC5500.
*2: NXC series support one Root AP for ZyMesh by default. To support more Root APs, NXC series needs ZyMesh license.