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CAT5 DAS has small-to-medium buildings covered

CAT5 DAS has small-to-medium
buildings covered

80% of all mobile traffic are generated indoors.
Ensuring 24/7 connectivity can present significant challenges in certain locations, especially at peak times.

Zyxel has created a new line of In-Building Solutions, including a breakthrough DAS that enables the use of easy-to-deploy CAT-5 cables and a symmetric repeater that can carry off-air signal as far as 400 meters via simple coaxial cable—with no signal quality loss! Incredibly well priced, these provide owners, operators and neutral hosting companies with more attractive returns on investments for indoor connectivity. With its new IBS product line, Zyxel provides the most effective and efficient solutions for small- to medium-sized indoor deployment.



20,000~160,000 m2 building

An enterprise building that requires more than eight mobile signal coverage areas.


10,000 ~ 20,000 m2 building

An SMB/residential building that requires 5-8 mobile signal coverage areas.


5,000~10,000 m2 building

An SMB/residential building that requires 2-4 mobile signal coverage areas.


2,500~10,000 m2 building

An SMB/residential building that wishes to provide off-air signal to 1-4 mobile signal coverage areas, or to an area that is very far from the signal source.

Repeater Hub

5,000 ~ 20,000 m2 building

An SMB/residential building that wishes to rely on mobile signal to service 2~8 mobile signal coverage areas.

Key Features

Supports 2G, 3G and 4G in a single system

ZoneDAS is BTS source independent and can accommodate multi-system, multi-operator, multi-band operations.

Modular design for easy assembly and configuration

The highly flexible, cost-effective modular design allows telcos or customers to freely purchase and configure systems that meet their particular needs.

Comprehensive ZoneDAS Families

Zyxel's full range of products easily supports buildings of all sizes, from 2,500 m2 to 160,000 m2. Highly efficient and versatile, these IBS solutions make possible more building deployment scenarios and ensure the best returns on investment.

Simple Maintenance and Management

With support for end-to-end system monitoring and management, IT staff can now manage everything from the RF source to the antenna point via EMS and SNMPv3.

Always Network Friendly

With High SNR and low noise figure, everything was designed to provide maximum-quality coverage while remaining network friendly.


Active CAT5 DAS

  • Simple, robust analogue design uses easy-to-deploy CAT5e cables and PoE
  • Quad band/channel selective; supports multiple vendors / systems / carriers / bands
  • Flexible configurations: 4xSISO / 2xSISO+1xMMO / 2xMMO / 1x2CA
  • Low latency, high SNR, low setup cost, high expandability
  • Pattern-configurable omni and directional antennas
  • Supports proactive alarms, tracking log and EMS


  • Symmetric architecture repeats off-air signal across 400 meters with zero loss in SNR
  • Dual band/channel selective, with support for Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/20/25/27
  • Guaranteed system gain (true end-to-end, from Donor antenna to Service antenna)
  • Auto cable loss compensation fully retains original signal quality
  • Guaranteed echo free operation with patented Auto Echo Avoidance technology

Repeater Hub

  • One repeater, one hub: eight coverage areas of 2,500 square meters each
  • Quad band/channel selective; matches ZoneDAS in supported bands and configurations
  • Repeater-Extender architecture uses easy-to-deploy CAT5e cables and PoE
  • Up to 200-meter reach from donor unit to each service point
  • Pattern-configurable antennas: omni and directional