Fast, Easy Deployment of Coaxial Networks

The ZyXEL PLA4171 is an Ethernet over Coaxial (EoC) Slave Adapter that provides data transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps* through the existing coaxial network with fast Ethernet ports. The PLA4171 offers service providers and cable operators an ideal solution for Internet services over coaxial networks.

Connectivity solution without new wire

With the ZyXEL EoC Solution, cable operators can reduce deployment complexity by leveraging the existing coaxial cables without the difficulty installing new ones. The ZyXEL PLA4171 200 Mbps Coaxial Slave Adapter is a bridge to convert Ethernet into coaxial networks and to utilize the existing infrastructure with simple “plug-and-play” installation.

QoS-enhanced media streaming quality

The ZyXEL PLA4171’s advanced Quality of Service (QoS) feature improves the quality of multimedia streaming applications such as triple-play services with data prioritization, HD video streaming, highspeed Internet access and VoIP.

Power saving via cable length detection

The PLA4171 can detect the length of connected Ethernet cables and adjust power usage accordingly.
The shorter the Ethernet cable length is, the less power it consumes.

Plug and play design

With just simple plug-and-play, users can set one PLA4171 in the pair as the slave adapter and the other as the PLA4275 master adapter to support coaxial services as new revenues are generated with minimum installation time and expense.