Nebula Adds Next-level Security, Continuity to Italian Tape Maker’s New-look Headquarter

ROTOGAL refreshed its headquarters' high-tech machinery in 2020. However, the work was not over yet. After that renovation, a high-speed, high-reliability network was critical to support it. Working with system integrator SOLUNET, the company needed new infrastructure integrating IP telephony and able to provide security and 10G speeds for its new office, logistics, and production areas. To deliver on these, Zyxel network switches, WiFi 6 access points, and ATP firewalls were selected. A key factor in the decision was the elevated security these products offered by enabling access policies (such as for operating systems and device categories) and network segmentation, reducing the attack surface and avoiding the spread of threats. And critically, SOLUNET says, Zyxel products make increasing a network’s performance straightforward, namely by segmenting it among PC, voice, and internal services. At ROTOGAL, it adds, the WiFi 6 APs are transmitting 10G speeds as promised, while the switches’ ring structure is allowing continuity in the event of unexpected problems. The cherry on top? Every device can be managed anywhere, anytime through Nebula, guaranteeing visibility and continuous remote monitoring without time-consuming intervention.

The customer has required its network to be increasingly safe, reliable and, fast. In this case, we exploited the benefits of cloud management in order to maintain constant monitoring of network performance across all indoor and outdoor areas, including offices and warehouses. Everyone is satisfied – the customer is benefiting from the speed and reliability while we, as a technical service provider, can monitor the health of the internal network 24/7.

Luca Soncini
Founder, SOLUNET

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