Zyxel Transforms Polish Home Improvement Retailer with Efficient and Secure Network

The Polish home improvement retailer PSB Mrówka aimed to enhance its network by implementing effective and secure solutions for its branches in Wieluń and Zawiercie. This initiative was driven by the growing demands of customers and the necessity to modernize the existing network infrastructure. The primary focus of the implementation was on scalability and flexibility, crucial factors expected to contribute to the overall development of the business. After analyzing project needs and technical specifications for two locations, Zyxel applied its extensive network solutions expertise to design and implement a system. This streamlined daily operations, while boosting data security and customer service efficiency. Zyxel’s USG FLEX 200 and 500 firewalls were deployed, providing multi-layer protection against various types of cyber threats. The implementation has significantly secured data and transactions. In addition, the deployment included GS1920 smart managed switches, selected for their high-performance connectivity, energy efficiency, and flexibility. NWA1123ACv3 access points ensure high-speed and seamless connectivity that optimizes user experiences. NR7101 5G NR Outdoor Router was used to support backup links, ensuring reliability and continuity for multi-branch network operation. Zyxel’s solutions optimize costs, enhance data security, and improve wireless connections for PSB Mrówka retail chains. The successful project kickstarts a long-term partnership, paving the way for more collaborations driving digital transformation with innovative solutions.

Zyxel's solution markedly enhances operational efficiency through streamlined processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The incorporation of energy-efficient devices, process automation, and heightened data security contributes to the organization's development potential and future growth. The deployment in PSB Mrówka stores stands as a testament to the success of a well-executed project, demonstrating analytical problem-solving and expert technical support.

Radosław Maciążek
Main Specialist of IT Department
Format LLC
PSB Mrówka Group

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