Web Filtering

Web Filtering (Content Filter)

Protect Your Business from Undesirable Content

Secure Internet Connections

Improve security by blocking access to malicious or risky websites, control access with integrated firewall policy for highly granular blocking and filtering with the Zyxel’s Web Filtering service. Integrates with evolving cloud database to protect your business from undesirable content including malicious, hacked websites, or accessing inappropriate websites with technologies including URL filtering, HTTPS domain filter, safe search, and Geo IP blocking.

Controls Access through Policy-based Controls with Highly Granular Blocking and Filtering

There are many existing malicious sites that can trap users, potentially infecting systems with viruses or installing spyware when carelessly accessed. An efficient solution is necessary for administrators to manage web access and control traffic when employees access websites. Zyxel Web Filtering is a fully integrated security subscription service protecting networks against malicious attacks from rogue websites while helping administrators manage and control user access.

Controls access through policy-based controls with highly granular blocking and filtering

Prevent known malicious websites
Protect your network against web-based threats, including phishing, malware, exploit kits, and command and control.


Safeguard against phishing attacks
Protect your business from known and brand-new phishing sites by stopping credential phishing in real-time with layers of prevention.

Faultless and Zero-Delay Scan Structure

Zyxel Web Filtering uses hybrid approaches including local cached database and cloud optimized URL database, improving performance and accuracy.

Updated cloud database scan engine:
Combining a filtering structure with a cloud service to ensure zero-delay category detection, Zyxel URL detection provides instant coverage for sites. If a URL is not found in the locally cached database, the querying process will redirect to the security cloud database for URL mapping. The global security cloud database remains up-to-date by processing over 17 billion transactions a day from over 600 million users from 200 countries.

Faultless and zero-delay scan structure

Ultra-low latency via locally cached database scan engine:
The locally cached engine automatically adjusts entries according to the needs of each deployment by quickly learning the browsing habits of users. This is the heart of Zyxel’s Content Filtering, providing high-performance web content scanning and detection.

Faultless and zero-delay scan structure

DNS Content Filter Fills in the Blind Spot

A newly added DNS content filter offers a better approach to inspect web access, particularly when the TLS1.3 website is deploying ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication) where the traditional URL filtering fails to identify the destination domain.

DNS Content Filter Fills in the Blind Spot

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