ATP 50

The small security appliance that’s big news for SMBs and branches

The new Zyxel USG FLEX 50 completes the USG firewall range, providing a simple, effective all-in-one security solution that is ideal for remote working, branch offices and retail outlets – Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel, tells us why it’s so appealing.

Bigger is not always better in the world of technology. Indeed, when you only have a handful of users to support, you don’t need networking equipment or security solutions that can support scores of users or remote connections. None of us want to add more complexity than is necessary. Or pay for something we do not need or will not use.

But smaller operations may need just as much performance and protection – it’s really just a matter of making sure that what you have is appropriate to your needs. For all these reasons, Zyxel continues to extend its product ranges and to develop and offer solutions for smaller businesses.

When it comes to security, even for smaller businesses, it’s now a good idea to deploy a dedicated appliance at the gateway to the network and that’s why we have introduced our new entry-level security appliance, the USG FLEX 50.

Real and present danger

For smaller firms, the threats posed by ransomware and cybercrime are alarmingly real. In addition, we see more SMBs embracing flexible working now and that brings the added problem of making remote connections secure. These are the challenges that the new USG FLEX 50 is designed to address.

This entry-level addition to the range is a compact, all-in-one appliance designed to give remote workers and small businesses solid protection and reliable VPN connections. It gives you the same core protection that you’ll find on all USG FLEX devices – but on a smaller scale.

As well comprehensive support for all types of VPNs – including IKEv2, SSL and IPsec tunnels, it provides vital security features. Granular control over firewall settings means that you can take full control of what types of traffic and connections are permitted. And with Zyxel’s SecuReporter you get enhanced, cloud-based intelligence that will continually improve the security of your connections.

Easy to manage

On top of all this, the USG FLEX 50 can be managed through our Nebula cloud management platform, which means network administrators or managed services providers can take control of the appliance from anywhere. Nebula-enabled devices can even be set-up in advance and deployed automatically once they are connected to the network.

For smaller businesses that need to support between 10 and 25 users, some of whom might be working remotely at times and will need to use a VPN to connect back into the network securely, the USG FLEX 50 is ideal. Compact, flexible, secure, and easy to manage, it gives SMBs, branch offices and retail outlets all the benefits of USG FLEX on a smaller scale.