Outdoor WiFi 6 on holiday? No problem!

Outdoor WiFi 6 on holiday? No problem!

Everyone needs to take a break and in the summertime we want to spend as much time as we can outdoors – but we still want to stay connected. With Zyxel’s latest WiFi 6 access point even the smallest business can provide great outdoor WiFi, says Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel.

At this time of year in Europe, our thoughts turn to holidays. We all need to take a break, kick-back and forget about work for a few days. But whether you prefer to spend time in the mountains and the forests, beside a pool, or on a beach, you will still want to stay connected.

While many of us have mobile data, it’s always preferable to use a WiFi connection, as it will be faster and more stable. Using WiFi also means that you can save your mobile data allowance for when you really need it – in places where you can’t get WiFi.

No problems

For the bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, theme parks and all the other businesses that help us to have a good time on holiday, it’s important to provide the best WiFi coverage they possibly can.

There are two problems though – or at least two things that are perceived as being problems.

First, that WiFi is a kind-of indoor technology that does not really lend itself to outdoor settings – and most people do want to be outdoors when they are on holiday. Second, that giving everyone good WiFi access is quite expensive and giving them the cheap, cut-price version won’t really cut the ice.

While there might have been some truth in these notions some time ago, both are now completely out of date – and the Zyxel NWA55AXE WiFi 6 access point is proof of that. Designed specifically for use outdoors, it has an IP55 rating, which means it has great protection from dust and water. It can be easily mounted on a wall or a pole, and it can be managed using our Nebula cloud platform, so you can control all settings without touching the device itself – on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It also supports WiFi 6 and thus gives you the fastest speeds and is capable of supporting high user densities that you can easily get when bars, cafes and other popular venues get busy. With 2 external dual antennas it has a superb range and will give all users a stable and secure connections at all times. The external antennas are also downward-facing to ensure they provide the best coverage when the access point in mounted in an elevated position.

Within everyone’s reach

On the second misconception, the NWA55AXE is certainly not expensive. While it uses the latest available technologies, our very clever R&D team have produced an outdoor WiFi 6 access point that is within the reach of even the smallest business.

All this is great news for holidaymakers and the businesses that serve their needs. If you run an outdoor business and want to provide customers and guests with the best possible WiFi coverage and performance, you should seriously consider buying a Zyxel NWA55AXE access point.

If you are a Zyxel partner with customers who do much of their business outdoors, you should make sure they know about this powerful, practical, and affordable WiFi 6 access point. For more information, contact your trusted Zyxel partner or your nearest Zyxel office.