The perfect choice when you want PoE for two

The perfect choice when you want PoE for two

The latest addition to the GS1900 range of small business switches provides a pragmatic solution for customers who want the added flexibility of Nebula cloud management and only a couple of PoE devices, says Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is one of those technologies that never ceases to amaze. I find it incredible that a sufficient amount of electronic power can be transmitted over ordinary Ethernet cables to drive an access point, an IP phone, or a surveillance camera.

Zyxel tries to design switches to meet the needs of as many customers as possible and while we realise that the specification we provide won’t suit the needs of every customer precisely, we usually manage to get it just about right.

Responding to customer needs

At the same time, it’s important to be responsive to changing customer needs – and this why we are introducing the new GS1915 switch to our popular 1900 family.

The GS1915 is an eight-port switch that comes with NebulaFlex dual mode management i.e. it can be configured and controlled through our Nebula cloud platform or controlled as a stand-alone unit. This makes it different to the GS1900, which is managed as a stand-alone device through a simple web interface i.e. it is what we call a ‘smart managed’ switch in its simplest form.

The GS1915-8 comes in two versions – one without PoE (the GS1915-8), the other with a PoE budget of 60W (the GS1915-8EP). This is a perfect power budget rating for the likes of powering a couple of PoE devices ie at small offices or even home offices.

The new model is then, distinctive for two reasons; first it can be managed either through the cloud with Nebula, or as a stand-alone unit; and second, it is available with a power budget that is less than half of that on the next model in the range. In addition, we apply our intelligent automated management to this relatively lean PoE power budget to ensure it is used efficiently. Any PoE device connected will only draw the power it actually needs.

Ideal for small spaces

This carefully managed 60W budget is ideal for a few devices. If you wanted to power a wireless access point and an IP phone in a reception area or shop, for example. Or for a smaller office with a couple of access points, or a very simple IP surveillance set-up. In addition, as it has NebulaFlex, the GS1915 can be monitored and controlled via the cloud, so it can be managed from a back office or remotely.

We have introduced the GS1915 in response to increased demand for a switch that would cater for the many scenarios where there is a need for flexible management and perhaps only two or three PoE devices need to be supported. A lower PoE budget also means a lower acquisition cost, enabling customers to take advantage of this amazing technology without having more capability and capacity than they really need.

One final point worth mentioning is that – like most of the GS1900 range – the GS1915 has a compact, fanless design, making visually and audibly unobtrusive, all of which is perfect for small spaces.