Top 3 Advantages of Networking Tech for Restaurants and Cafes

Long queues and slow internet connections—it's a nightmare we've all experienced at restaurants or cafes. But the struggle doesn't end with customers. Restaurants and cafes themselves face a constant battle with unreliable wireless connections that disrupt online orders, payment processing, and overall operational efficiency.

Wireless connectivity is the secret ingredient to enhancing dining experiences

WiFi 6/6E and 4G LTE/5G technologies can enable better customer service, faster order processing, and cost savings. They minimize delays in online ordering, reducing wait times and boosting revenue through timely fulfillment. When it comes to next-generation dining experiences, these technologies empower restaurants and cafes to introduce immersive services like virtual dining, 3D menus, and interactive gaming, driving creativity and customer engagement. Additionally, they facilitate the adoption of automation, such as robotic chefs, increasing productivity and reducing labor expenses.

For areas with limited fixed network coverage or mobile setups like pop-up restaurants, 4G LTE/5G routers serve as the primary link, providing flexible and reliable connectivity. They also act as backup options during internet outages, ensuring uninterrupted operations. For example, Zyxel's LTE3301 router empowers Köfteci Yusuf, a Turkish restaurant chain, to maintain continuous internet connectivity even on ferries, offering a seamless online experience

Cloud networking makes cross-site management a piece of cake

For growing restaurant and cafe chains, scalability is critical. However, traditional setups often struggle to meet the demands of expansion, leading to network bottlenecks. Fortunately, cloud networking platforms and their flexible hardware solutions come to the rescue. Zyxel’s Nebula solution takes center stage in managing networks across multiple locations. With streamlined network management through centralized and remote control, Nebula eliminates the need for laborious on-site service. Access points can be swiftly deployed using zero-touch provisioning, and their configuration becomes effortless with pre-set settings using QR codes and serial numbers. In the event of access point failures, remote replacement promptly restores seamless connectivity. Furthermore, Nebula's user-friendly configuration templates simplify network management and ensure synchronized changes across all locations. Vietnamese cafe chain Katinat Saigon Kafe is a testament to Nebula's effectiveness, having reduced IT workload and eliminated costly visits through Nebula’s reliable assistance in managing multiple branches.

Cybersecurity measures on the menu for safe dining experiences

In today's digital landscape, restaurants and cafes face cybersecurity challenges concerning online ordering systems, digital payments, and customer data collection. One area of concern, as highlighted by our customer MyChef, involves the centralized management of POS systems, which include cash registers, barcode scanners, and computers. It’s essential to take effective measures to ensure secure connectivity to protect customer data during transactions.

An essential measure to address these concerns involves the separation of the POS system from other networks, such as the guest WiFi network, through network segmentation. With Guest WiFi, you can create a separate network for your guests to use, keeping your main network private and secure. If your business lacks a firewall, you can try a secure cloud-managed router, which provides an easy and cost-effective way to set up guest WiFi in a few simple steps and protects your business network from outside access. Such segregation could greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Because using a single WiFi password for all customers or employees creates vulnerabilities, you can consider Zyxel’s Nebula, which provides WiFi voucher authentication for secure onboarding, offering time-limited Internet access with unique codes. Customers pay for desired WiFi access time, receiving a voucher code that expires upon first connection and disallows further Internet connection afterward. Additionally, Nebula's Connect and Protect AP Security Service (CNP) enables restaurant and cafe owners to effortlessly set up strong WiFi protection, shielding against threats like phishing, malware, and harmful websites.

To ensure comprehensive cybersecurity protection, select an appropriate unified network security solution that offers end-to-end encryption for data transmission, preventing data interception. By embracing these network security measures and best practices, restaurants and cafes can establish a secure environment, safeguard customer data, and stay ahead of potential threats.

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