Nebula License 2.0 Overview

Converting to Per-Device Licensing

Starting from April 11, 2021, the licensing model of Nebula Control Center (NCC) will be updated to a per-device licensing model as we retire the credit-based licensing with co-termination model.

Under the Nebula License 2.0 structure, NCC will take the current organization expiration date and apply it across all devices within the organization.

The per-device licensing allows IT teams to maintain various expiration dates across devices, sites or organizations. Each organization can have a single shared expiration, which will be manageable through our new Circle license management platform for channel partners (supporting Nebula later this year).

Simple Way to Manage & Renew

In per-device licensing, users can easily calculate the expiration date when adding a new device with a license or applying a renewal.

Per-device Licensing Features & Capabilities

1.1 Device to License

All-at-once or Partial renewals

30-day free trial period

15-day grace period

Transfer licenses or devices between organizations

  • License-Device Individually: Assign a license to a specific device and maintain various expirations dates across devices, sites, or organizations or a single shared expiration, which will be manageable through our new Circle license management platform for channel partners (supporting Nebula later this year).
  • All-at-once or Partial Renewals: Depending on whether you have a shared expiration date or various expiration dates within the organization, you have the ability to renew all your devices (with the same expiration date) at once, or a subset of devices (with various expiration dates) as you prefer.
  • 30-day Free Trial Period: When a new organization is created in NCC, a 30-day free trial of Nebula Pro Pack and NSS-SP Pack will be automatically given to the device (AP, Switch, and NSG series Gateway) added within the new organization.*
  • 15-day Grace Period: Device will have 15 days buffer from the time that the license expires to still work as usual and to renew the license.
  • Transfer Licenses/Devices Between Organizations: Org owner and delegated admin. are able to move a license (or licenses & devices together) between the organizations without calling into Nebula support.

* All USG FLEX models will have a 30-day free trial license of UTM Security Pack. If a customer adds an USG FLEX bundled SKU (0102F) with an UTM Security Pack bundled license to an organization, NCC will automatically grant & activate a Pro Pack license aligning to that device’s UTM Security Pack license terms as part of the bundled license service.

Flexible Management License Subscription

Nebula Control Center (NCC) offers multiple subscription options to meet customers’ needs. Whether you are looking for a complimentary option giving you some peace of mind at no extra cost, more control over your network updates and visibility, or even the most advanced management of cloud networking, Nebula is here to help you.

The details of what features are included in each Pack can be viewed online on Zyxel’s Nebula webpage: Click here.

Flexible Security License Subscription

With the newest addition of USG FLEX Series firewall to the Nebula cloud management family, Nebula security solution further expands its offerings with holistic security and protection for SMB business networks.

The details about the security license subscription can be viewed online on Zyxel’s Security Solution webpage: Click here.

NSS Security Pack

  • Security service & analysis reporting for IDP, Application Patrol, Content Filtering and Anti-virus of NSG Series

UTM Security Pack

  • All-in-one UTM secrity service license add-on(s) to USG Flex Series Firewall
    1. Web Filtering
    2. IPS
    3. Application Patrol
    4. Anti-Malware
    5. SecuRepoter
    6. Collaborative Detection & Response
    7. Security Profile Sync

Secure WiFi

  • USG Flex license to manage remote access points (RAP) with the support of secured tunnel to extend corporate network to remote workplace