Enabling WiFi Aid to assist management and deliver the best WiFi user experience

Enabling WiFi Aid to assist management and deliver the best WiFi user experience

What could go wrong in the wireless client connection?

Even if your networks are set up correctly, in some circumstances, there may still be some clients reporting a less-than-satisfactory experience. A lot of times, the problem lies in the area that is not obvious to detect. Issues can happen in accessing, authentication, IP assignment (DHCP) or DNS query – any step in the wireless client onboarding journey.

Our solution – Nebula WiFi Aid

Designed to take away the pain of WiFi use and management, Nebula has rolled out an exciting new feature,
WiFi Aid (offered in Nebula Pro Pack) to provide users an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive data of WiFi client’s connection issues for automating network management and troubleshooting to deliver the best experience to WiFi users and network admins.

Nebula WiFi Aid summarizes the connection failures across the entire client onboarding journey from accessing/authentication, IP assignment (DHCP) to DNS query and highlights the issues that may degrade the WiFi user experience and require attention. Also, the multifaceted perspective is employed to present the information from the various angles, such as SSID, access point, and client perspectives, to further assist network admins to systematically understand the connection conditions. For instance, when there is an unusual number of failures in the Wireless, DHCP or DNS stages on the dashboard, the network admins can logically suspect that there may be an issue in that area and look into it more actively before the network users make a complaint. In addition, Nebula WiFi Aid also supports captive portal authentication for hotspot WiFi.

With the help of WiFi Aid, network admins can quickly drill-in on details to make troubleshooting much easier, as well as discovering the potential problematic areas to pre-empt the possible problems from occurring.

Image 1: The WiFi Aid dashboard gives an overview to summarize the issues of wireless client onboarding journey from accessing, authentication, DHCP to DNS query.

Feature introduction

The WiFi Aid feature can be accessed through the sidebar menu: Site-wide > Clients, and then click on the WiFi Aid tab. You can choose the time range, SSID, and AP tag to filter the results displayed.

The ‘Client devices affected by connection problems’ section will record the latest error step encountered by the client device in one of the three steps (Wireless DHCP DNS) during the wireless client onboarding journey.

Deeper information can be found on a specific SSID, an access point, and a client in the below sections of the dashboard and you can click on the underlined hyperlink to link to the Connection Log and drill in on more in-depth details. It helps network admins to quickly understand the connection state at the multifaceted perspective, identify the root-cause, and take action.

The WiFi Aid feature also supports captive portal authentication for hotspot WiFi.

How to activate WiFi Aid feature?

Nebula WiFi Aid is included in the Nebula Pro Pack. If you are a Nebula Pro Pack user, you can start using this feature immediately. Or, you may activate the 30-day free trial of Nebula Pro Pack now to gain access.