Nebula Success Stories Videos

Zyxel Provides Fast, Reliable, Remotely-managed Network to Bring Historic Battleship into Digital Era

According to David Canfield, VP and Chief Information Officer for Battleship IOWA Museum, “It is difficult to run cable through armored bulkheads. It is difficult to drop a modern network into an older ship. This is a steel box, so wireless is challenging. This is probably the most challenging network environment you will ever encounter."

To address their unique networking challenges, Zyxel networking solution was deployed. “Using Zyxel Nebula, we've reduced the difficulty of managing the large population of APs, and with the Zyxel WiFi 6 APs, we've increased reliability to the point that we no longer have to tell our users don't trust the WiFi,” Canfield happily stated.

California’s Tachi Palace Hotel Enhances WiFi Connectivity and Guest Satisfaction with Zyxel‘s Intelligent Cloud Service

According to the Operations Manager at Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino, the unreliable WiFi connectivity throughout the hotel had a negative impact on both guests and staff members. To solve this issue, Tachi Palace contacted InnSpire, a global provider of guest entertainment, guest services and networking solutions for hotels. InnSpire deployed the Nebula Cloud Networking solution to provide seamless high-speed WiFi connectivity in the guest rooms and throughout the Tachi Palace hotel.

Moreover, the fast, stable network opens up the possibility for new technology upgrades at the hotel. “The new network is so good that we're now looking into making our rooms smart rooms by adding technology such as automatic smart drapes and smart lights, things that would have been impossible with our old network.”

Diamond Physicians Deploys Zyxel Nebula Cloud-Managed Solution to Have Secure Network Connections

Safe network connectivity is very important in Diamond Physicians because the data should be shared between the patients and physicians at any time without the risk.

Kehr Technologies deployed Zyxel Nebula access point, gateway and switch at Diamond Physicians and immediately had much better connections throughout the building.

The Salutation Hotel Deploys Zyxel Nebula Solution to Provide High-performance WiFi

While the historic setting of The Salutation Hotel made it a popular attraction for travelers to the medieval village of Sandwich, it also created a variety of challenges for the hotel when providing modern convenience like WiFi connectivity. The hotel’s management needed a way to provide separate and secure high-performance wireless connections to staff and guests alike. Thankfully, a Nebula Cloud Network solution from Zyxel had all the bases covered with a complete wireless package that pulled together right hardware to tackle the task at hand.

Zyxel Nebula Provides Fast WiFi to Help Springbrook Assisted Living Take Care of Their Residents

The network connectivity is very important in Springbrook Assisted Living because it’s a bridge between the patients and nurses. However the WiFi there was not stable and it was going down every day so that Digital Bay decided to replace those access points with the new Zyxel Nebula access points. Once they did that, the entire network changed. Everyone can have the connectivity throughout the building and it’s fast and smooth. It’s easy to install and now Digital Bay can make changes to the network without having to be onsite.

Softchef Deploys Zyxel Nebula Cloud-Managed Solution to Provide Stable Network Connections

Softchef is a software company focused on cloud service management platform. They provide software as a service to help customers build smart buildings, energy monitoring, environmental control and many other applications.

Softchef has a great demand for a reliable Internet access to do development and testing of their products. They’ve tried different wireless access points, but all the wireless coverage was inadequate until they use Zyxel Nebula. It’s simple to install, the coverage is great and the connectivity is stable. Besides, the Nebula Control Center had all the necessary information at a glance, from connected devices’ status to which devices were using wired or wireless.