Zyxel Networks boosts the impact of 26 charities with donated networking products

Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 14, 2023—Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI-powered cloud networking solutions, has teamed up for the second straight year with the Zyxel Foundation to donate 350 networking products to 26 charities across Taiwan. By delivering faster, more efficient networks, the donations enable the charities to focus less on tech support and more on supporting the community.

The gifted products were hand-picked according to the individual needs of the charities, which included the Garden of Hope Foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, and more.

Supervisor of Information Technology Department, Arian Zheng at the Garden of Hope Foundation, which works to stop gender-based violence, expressed gratitude for the donation. “This networking equipment will help us better secure remote connections for our staff, making sure all data transmitted is well protected,” he said, referring to the USG FLEX H series security firewall. “And with the Nebula cloud networking solution, we can now manage all network devices across 50 branches in 15 counties, making a significant improvement in our work efficiency.”

For the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, the donated equipment will help it continue serving children, people with disabilities, and older people amid the emerging challenges posed by AI and digital transformation, “Installing the 14 commercial switches from Zyxel Networks has greatly elevated our network infrastructure,” Foundation’s Director General of Resources Development Division April Huang said. “The cloud-based networking has improved our work efficiency and resilience as well as helped cut IT expenditure, so we can focus more resources on helping those in need.”

Another recipient was the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, which provides full-time nursing care for more than 15,000 patients in a persistent vegetative state across 17 care facilities. The organization said the donated products would make using the network more convenient and secure for staff, allowing them to put greater focus on caring for the patients and their families.

The Huashan Social Welfare Foundation serves older people with disabilities at nearly 400 sites nationwide. Its staff’s vigilance protecting data against cybersecurity threats will now be backed up by the strengthened network security provided by Zyxel Networks’ products and firewalls.

Crowley Wu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zyxel Networks, said, “Over the past two years of this product donation program, we’ve seen the pressing needs of charities for better network connectivity and security. This year’s donation addresses the specific needs of each organization, covering a wide range of network devices including switches, wireless routers, access points, and firewalls. Through the products, we aim to boost network speeds and establish a more secure online environment for these organizations facing financial constraints or limited equipment resources.”

The program has now benefited 63 charities over the past two years, with a total of 800 devices donated.

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