Spanish College Residence Optimizes Learning Experience with Faster, Securer Network

With a surging number of students who need multiple devices connected to the web at the same time, CMU Marqués de la Ensenada was in urgent need of a solution to strengthen its network capacity. Its system integrator, Infotecnika IDS, knew WiFi 6 could deliver the performance required. But the project didn’t end with bigger speeds and bandwidth. The residence also prioritized a security solution that could protect its students and should be easy to manage and affordable to deploy. This would be in stark contrast to its existing security setup with a complex interface, limited analysis and reporting options, and costly infrastructure development. Given the client’s criteria, the school’s system integrator recommended Zyxel solutions to get the job done. After deploying Zyxel’s APs, firewalls, and switches, residents now have no technological limitation on their learning, with much higher speeds than conventional WiFi networks. In addition, the residence is able to easily manage all AP-connected devices, reducing latency in connections and achieving better coverage to significantly improve the quality of videoconferences and avoids audio and video dropouts. Likewise, it has achieved advanced network security and guaranteed strong password protection to secure all connections and keep student data safe.

We needed higher internet speeds to deal with the increasing number of connected devices. Thanks to Zyxel and our partner Infotecnika IDS, we were able to design and deploy a WiFi network precisely suited to the requirements of our residence and our residents.

Enrique Romero Dengra
General Director
CMU Marqués de la Ensenada

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