Rebuilding a Network from the Ground Up for Sprawling Turkish Resort

Narven Thermal Town is one of Turkey’s favorite places for a getaway, offering unforgettable experiences that recharge and rejuvenate visitors. But the perfect stay isn’t possible without perfect wireless accessible from everywhere – and this was one box Narven Thermal Town didn’t tick. Its management turned to local Zyxel partner Atasayar Teknoloji to turn things around. The “reliable and uninterrupted communication solution” that it was seeking meant more than equipment that could deliver high data rates to guests; to ensure the network was always up and running properly, it also needed to be easy for staff to manage. The project saw the site’s entire wired and wireless network infrastructure renewed. By utilizing an array of WiFi 6-enabled switches and access points, the new network can smoothly handle the traffic of up to 7,000 devices simultaneously. Meanwhile, the ATP800 ATP firewalls deployed keep all these connections highly secure without sacrificing speed or performance. And critically, all of the firewalls, switches, and APs used can be monitored and controlled through Zyxel's cloud-based network management platform, Nebula. For Narven Thermal Town, that means IT staff can manage the entire network from any browser – whenever, wherever – so they can keep it running at peak efficiency and keep guests happy around the clock.

This was a big project: renewing the network infrastructure of our facility from end to end. We would like to thank Atasayar Teknoloji and the entire Zyxel team for their support in all the phases of the project, from nailing down the project scope, to project management, to selecting products and services, to where to install the equipment.

Serdar Yildiz
General Manager
Narven Thermal Town

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