GS1915 Switch

The right kind of switch for smaller businesses

The new GS1915 is a cloud switch that’s easy to manage and provides the performance and PoE options that SMBs and branch offices need – at an affordable price. Luke Harley, Switching Market Development Manager EMEA at Zyxel, explains why it’s almost certain to become a best-seller

When it comes to network switches, small businesses just want their solutions to work. They want the device to be reliable, fast enough to handle network traffic comfortably, and easy to manage. In addition, they might also want it to support a handful of PoE devices. That’s usually about the limit of the needs and expectations of most small businesses, branch offices, or smaller retail chains.

The only other common requirement – and this sometimes has to be highlighted to customers by our partners – is the need for cloud-based management. It’s always easier if the monitoring of devices can be left to an expert and with Zyxel Nebula, it’s easy for partners to offer such a service to their customers. (Partners who want to find out more about that should contact our Nebula team).

Simple and pragmatic

But back to the point I was making; small businesses tend to have fairly simple needs. They are also astutely pragmatic and don’t want to pay for something they don’t need and / or  will not use. This is why the Zyxel GS1915 series is already proving to be such a popular choice with SMBs. It’s a “no-frills” cloud managed switch that’s affordable and provides excellent performance and PoE support.

We introduced the first models – the GS1915-8 (non PoE) and the GS1915-8EP (with PoE) – earlier this year. They have been a big success, and we have now extended the GS1915 range with a 24-port version.

The new GS1915-24E and GS1915-24EP offer the same benefits as the 8-port models, but with extended power capability – the latter has 12 PoE ports and a total power budget of 130W, giving customers extra flexibility. They also come with NebulaFlex cloud management, which means they can be monitored remotely.

The capability you need

The GS1915-24 switches are ideal for smaller businesses or branch locations where you want cloud management capability but don’t need the full feature set of a more advanced high-specification network switch. They do what you need to do at this scale of deployment and are very affordable. One of the reasons for this is that there are no fibre uplinks – but that’s something that you are not likely to need in most small business offices and branches.

We’ve already seen a lot of interest in these switches, both from partners and end-user customers, and we expect them to be extremely popular. If you’d like to find out more, please contact your local partner or regional Zyxel office.