Korean Hospital Discovers Remedy to Cure Its Unstable Wireless Connectivity

The hospital in Suwon aimed to provide high-quality WiFi services to its customers and staff, but faced challenges with unstable wireless access due to reliance on wireless routers. To address this, the hospital decided to switch to access points. Considering the high number of customers on the second floor where data usage is high and traffic generation is frequent, Zyxel’s WAX650S WiFi 6 access points were chosen for its efficient traffic processing capabilities. On the first floor, which had fewer users, the budget-friendly WAC6502D-S APs were installed to optimize the WiFi environment. Zyxel's APs utilize DCS and Smart Antenna technologies to ensure optimal coverage, preventing interference and minimizing dead zones for all users. To enhance network security and protect data and privacy, the hospital implemented Zyxel's USG310 firewall, an integrated security device that separates public and private networks. The firewall also includes a wireless AP controller function, eliminating the need for a separate controller and reducing deployment costs. Following the deployment, the hospital in Suwon successfully improved its wireless network, providing a smoother and faster network experience for customers and staff, while ensuring data and privacy protection.

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