Zyxel Surveillance Switches Star in Turkish Factory’s Epic Network Upgrade

With plans to expand its capacity to 1.4 million tons a year and staff size to 3,000 in 2022, SASA Polyester had a pressing need to bring its network up to scratch. Especially important were business continuity and uninterrupted communications. Also needing consideration were the increasing operating costs caused by the growing number of surveillance cameras; this meant a strong preference for less wires and thus lower installation costs. The project, future phases of which will be executed over coming years, has so far seen Zyxel's GS1300 and GS1350 surveillance switches deployed as backbone and edge switches. The completed project will see 14,000 cameras connected and managed via Zyxel switches. These PoE switches offer key advantages as they deliver high-speed data transmission and power supplies through the same cable. The GS1300 and GS1350 models also extend PoE and data transmission by up to 250 meters – perfect for deployments in larger spaces – and the latter boasts automatic recovery and continuous PoE to ensure uninterrupted camera feeds. With the first phase completed ahead of schedule, the newly strengthened network is going strong: security is beefed up and all the security cameras are centrally managed with ease – and scalable for future expansion.

We’re very grateful to Zyxel Networks and its partner Seyhan Güvenlik for completing the deployment process in a shorter time span than we expected. There’s now a strong network throughout every inch of the factory and our security business processes are fully operational. Zyxel’s network switches are also helping us to minimize our business’s communication costs.

Ali Dilbaz
IT Manager, SASA Polyester