AP Controller Technology

APC Version APC6.65
RRM (Radio Resource Management)
Client RSSI threshold v
Dynamic channel selection DCS3.0
Band steering (Band select) v (2.0)
Auto power (Auto healing) v
Wireless client capability information v
Channel utilization v
Security Control
Zero Trust – Two-Factor Authentication v
Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) support v
MAC filtering v
Blocking Intra-BSS traffic v
Role-based access control v
Wireless L2 Isolation v
Rogue AP detection in monitor mode v
Rogue AP detection in AP mode v
WPA3 support on 11ax AP v
AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)
MAC authentication with local database v
MAC authentication with external radius v
Captive portal (internal & external) v
Captive portal customizable
web login page
Dynamic guest account v
RADIUS authentication v
Microsoft AD authentication v
LDAP authentication v
Embedded RADIUS server v
RADIUS accounting v
RADIUS session resumption v
Log-out page v
802.1X accounting with managed AP v
Wireless QoS
AP load balancing v (2.0)
Smart classroom load balancing v
802.11r/k/v support for fast roaming enhancement v
WLAN Station bandwidth limiting v
Wireless Health support v
802.1X Single Sign-on enhancement when enabling 2FA v
Enhance new AP management mechanism v
Data tunneling v
ZyMesh v
ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer)
AP planning
ZWO (Zyxel Wireless Optimizer)
coverage detection
AP group v
CAPWAP discovery method v
NebulaFlex Pro support on Unified Pro AP v
Proxy ARP per SSID on AP v
Fallback SSID when controller offline v
DL-OFDMA support on 11ax AP v
Diagnostic Tool
Wireless frame capture v
AP broadcast counter v
Roaming log includes "SSID Name" v
High Availability
Primary/Secondary controller support v
License SKU
ZyMesh license v*

*: NXC series support one Root AP for ZyMesh by default. To support more Root APs, NXC series needs ZyMesh license.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.