Zyxel for Business
February 2021

Restaurants are turning to mobile POS systems in droves. These feature-rich tablets are powerful management platforms that raise operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. But, as we’re seeing first-hand, not every establishment that adopts mPOS is immediately excelling. What are the hurdles and how can you address them?

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Zyxel’s Mobile POS Connectivity Solution incorporates powerful WiFi APs, cloud networking, and more, ensuring unstable connectivity and inadequate mobile POS software never affect business performance again.

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Network installation and management can always be more efficient. We helped leading POS service provider Tiller to reduce technical teams’ travel time by over 80% and increase customer satisfaction by more than 60%.

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Achieving the imPOSsible

Zyxel teams up with Tiller for mobile point-of-sale system partnership

Looking for an effective way to keep ordering smooth and customer satisfaction high? Zyxel’s high-performance AP is the answer.

Can’t find the root cause of system downtime? Try this.

Protecting your devices and data is as easy as pie with USG FLEX.