The best-selling access point that is an affordable yet high-quality ticket to the world of WiFi 6

The WiFi 6 standard has become number one choice for those building or upgrading wireless networks. Zyxel is among the brands focused on WiFi 6, offering a range of access points that provides a highly affordable solution for more powerful WiFi and comes as an alternative to UniFi.

Last year, Zyxel launched the NWA50AX and NWA90AX access points featuring discreet and compact design and, naturally, support for the WiFi 6 wireless standard on both of their transmitting radios. Besides these two devices, which differ only in the extra functions of the higher-end NWA90AX model for managing large-scale enterprise networks, the series also includes the IP55-rated NWA55AXE model designed for outdoor deployment. Zyxel now has a solution for both interiors, where the NWA50AX and NWA90AX can be ceiling- or wall-mounted using the included mounting frame, and exteriors where the NWA55AXE can be deployed to cover car parks, courtyards, campsites, outdoor restaurant areas or gardens with WiFi 6 signal.

Full feature set including PoE

Zyxel NWA50AX is the best-selling product in the new series of access points, providing a full feature set for businesses and demanding home users or home-based professionals at a truly unbeatable price. In addition to having a maximum data throughput of 575 Mb/s in the 2.4 GHz band and 1,200 Mb/s in the 5 GHz band, the NWA50AX access point can run up to 8 separate WiFi networks with different identifiers (SSID) on a single radio and also supports the latest wireless network security standard with WPA3-PSK encryption. And even though the NWA50AX supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), it comes with a power adaptor to allow its operation without a PoE switch or injector. Given the high electricity prices, users will surely appreciate the energy efficiency of the new Zyxel WiFi 6 access points. Their consumption peaks at 16 Watts but is usually well below 10 Watts during normal operation. If the access points are combined with Zyxel’s advanced PoE switches, the user may set a schedule for powering PoE ports to save energy when the wireless network is not in use. In large-scale projects involving dozens of access points, energy savings can be an important argument for using a combination of Zyxel’s PoE switches and access points.

Deployment and cloud management

It is important to note that Zyxel’s advanced access points not only support the WiFi 6 standard but are also easy to manage and control. For this purpose, all Zyxel access points currently available can be managed using the Nebula cloud platform. Nebula works as a software controller that allows network administrators to set up all supported access points and configure the network from anywhere and from any device, using a web browser or mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

Nebula also supports bulk management of all access points across an organisation, making it far easier to manage the entire infrastructure since each device automatically takes over the latest configuration. With this solution, even tasks like adding a new access point to the network become very easy because you just need to scan the QR code on the product label and assign it to the respective site. After that, the access point automatically loads all settings provided it is connected to the Internet.

While the basic features of the Nebula cloud service are free, the more advanced functions for network and device management require a paid license. In addition to access points, the Nebula cloud platform can also manage Zyxel’s advanced switches and firewalls. It is completely up to the network operator whether to opt for local management through a hardware controller or use the extensive remote management capabilities of the Nebula cloud platform.

A solution for both new networks and upgrades

The compact Zyxel NWA50AX and NWA90AX access points discreetly fit into any interior and can easily replace existing legacy devices. In next to no time, you can significantly improve coverage with a powerful wireless network supporting parallel data transmission and a large number of simultaneously connected end devices. Deploying these WiFi 6 access points does not require re-cabling and the included power adaptor allows their use even in rooms where PoE is not available. And in addition to spreading the signal of a WiFi 6 wireless network in an outdoor environment, the Zyxel NWA55AXE exterior model is also suitable for providing reliable wireless inter-building connectivity through the Zyxel Smart Mesh technology.