AXE7800 WiFi 6E Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point


WiFi 6E for High-density WiFi

Zyxel’s Flagship WAX640S-6E - AXE7800 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Access Point

WiFi 6E – the Fastest Speed EVER

WiFi 6E, the extended version of the WiFi 6, provides a huge innovation leap to wireless industry by taking it into a much wider 6GHz radio spectrum that more than doubles WiFi capacity to further meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.

It includes all the benefits of WiFi 6 capabilities like OFDMA, MU-MIMO, BSS Coloring, and brings them into the brand-new, interference-free 6GHz that more than doubles the WiFi capacity to deliver ultra-fast speed and low-latency connections.

Up to 7.8Gbps WiFi speed, the Zyxel WAX640S-6E is the tri-band AP (4x4 in 6GHz, 2x2 in 5GHz, 2x2 in 2.4GHz), fully equipped with the next-gen WiFi 6E technology for ultra-fast speeds and low-latency connections.

WAX640S-6E for High-density WiFi

WiFi 6E, the new 6 GHz band, presents a solution to quenching the thirst for today’s hunger for more bandwidth. The WAX640S-6E AXE7800 tri-band WiFi 6E access point empowers users to take advantage of the new 6GHz band with the highest performance possible. The WAX640S-6E is a perfect choice for:

High-density environments

such as to offices, campuses, shopping malls, convention centers, or transport hubs to alleviate WiFi overcrowding, reduce congestion, and increase user experience.

Emerging technologies

such as VR/AR, 8K video streaming, or online gaming to promise ultra-fast speeds without latency.

Manage it your way!

The WAX640S-6E comes with the support of NebulaFlex Pro, which offers the full flexibility for users to easily switch between Zyxel Nebula cloud-managed, controller-managed, and standalone modes. You can choose the appropriate managed-mode best suited for your needs.

Anytime, Anywhere with
Nebula Mobile App

  • Easy device onboarding with QR code scan & installation wizard
  • Network and device status at a glance
  • WiFi sharing via QR code or mobile messaging apps
  • Network client access control
  • Live troubleshooting tools
  • Push notifications for abnormal network events

Just Connect with Nebula

Resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and network Administrators will find Simplicity, Scalability, Flexibility, reduced IT risk and reduced costs through Zyxel’s Cloud Networking Management platform, Nebula a single-vendor approach.

Suggested PoE Injector

RJ-45 (Data) Input 1
RJ-45 (Data + Power) Output 1
Data Rate 100 Mbps and 1/2.5/5 Gbps
PoE Standard PoE, PoE+, PoE++
Total PoE budget 60 watts

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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