Elevating Data Protection and Network Efficiency at Polish Dental Clinic

ProDentist has decided to enhance network security to protect patient data and medical records in response to rising cyber threats on healthcare organizations. This involved implementing a zero-trust architecture for seamless integration with critical electronic devices like anesthesia systems, dental radiographs, and CBCT computer tomography while ensuring uninterrupted operations. For the medical staff, maintaining seamless communication with the SaaS medical system and encrypted VPN connections for remote access was of paramount importance. Zyxel USG FLEX 100 firewall was used to offer robust protection, extending from firewalls to access points with automated responses and multi-layer defense against a range of threats. External protections included URL threat filtering, malware protection, and intrusion prevention. Internally, application control and web filtering services prevented unauthorized network access and misuse of applications. The firewall detected and isolated threats on devices, synchronized data with the Nebula Control Center, and provided protection at the wireless access point level. VLANs were employed to segment the network into smaller, more secure subnets, improving traffic management and adaptability to organizational changes. Furthermore, the use of the 24-port GS1915 series switch enhanced efficiency with plug-and-play technology, and the Power over Ethernet feature powered connected devices directly from the ports.

We had to consider the integration of the cloud-based medical system with the on-site database application and ensure compliance with GDPR. After the evaluation, the clinic’s management decided to use Zyxel’s devices to enhance cybersecurity. Our team was pleased to work with the Zyxel Poland team, primarily for their post-sales support. I would like to highlight that ProDentist has also appreciated this support, and therefore, we are jointly planning to connect another ProDentist facility using Zyxel devices.

Krzysztof Kowalski
Kowalski ORG

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