Enhancing Wireless Connectivity and Guest Experiences for Argentine Hotel

Wireless connectivity has emerged as a crucial amenity for ensuring optimal user experiences, particularly when hotel guests seek internet access or when the hotel hosts large events. Seeking to enhance WiFi throughout all rooms, common spaces, and the reception, the hotel partnered with Telpin, the system integrator with over 50 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and selected Zyxel’s Nebula solution to build its high-quality WiFi network. Nebula's user-friendly interface simplified device configuration and enabled quick deployment of both guest and employee networks effortlessly. The strategic deployment of 83 NWA50AX WiFi 6 access points optimized coverage and signal distribution, extending from the reception and recreation areas to the pool and various hotel sections. Supported by MU-MIMO technology, the new network can efficiently handle multiple connected devices simultaneously, even in high-density environments. It provides fast, interruption-free wireless connections, ensuring an optimal experience for guests throughout different areas of the hotel. GS1920-48HPv2 smart managed PoE switches were employed to guarantee fast and reliable connectivity, delivering power and connectivity to access points, IP cameras, and workstations. Thanks to the seamless integration of these technologies, the hotel could achieve its commitment to providing a high-performance and reliable wireless experience throughout the hotel while ensuring efficient network management.

We have chosen Zyxel's solutions primarily because of the brand's longstanding market presence and positive customer feedback on their devices. The favorable price-to-performance ratio, compared to other brands, also played a crucial role in our decision. We have been highly satisfied with our choice of Zyxel products for several years.

Ing Martin Pagano
General Manager

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