VDSL2 17a Bonding and 35b Single Line Bridge

The Zyxel VMG4005-B Series is a VDSL2 17a Bonding and 35b Single Line Bridge is a VDSL bonding bridge which provides excellent premium-class line speeds of up to 200Mbps with 17a bonding or 300Mbps with 35b single line for broadband services to extend the coverage and performance for enhanced user experience.

  • VDSL2 17a
  • G.vectoring
  • TR-286 standard
  • Remote management
  • OPAL platform
  • Responsive Web

Bonded VDSL2 with Vector

The Zyxel VMG4005-B Series VDSL2 17a Bonding and 35b Single Line Bridge supports VDSL2 bonding with vectoring of up to profile 17a and 35b. Vectoring supports reduce cross-talk for up to 150% for improved performance and range for operators.


Comprehensive Routing with IPv6, QoS and Firewall

Zyxel offers excellent routing capabilities designed to meet service provider needs. The Zyxel VMG4005-B Series VDSL2 17a Bonding and 35b Single Line Bridge continues this legacy with full IPv4 support, IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack and IPv6 Rapid Deployment (RD) for a strong foundation to implement advanced features including quality of service (QoS) functionality to categorize incoming and outgoing traffics in addition to a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall for end-user security.


TR-069 remote management

With TR-069 standard management specifications, the service providers are able to manage, configure and diagnose the client devices remotely without manual intervention of end-users. This unique feature not only offers a true “plug-and-play” experience, but also reduces the complexity of deployment and therefore saves operation and maintenance costs for service providers.


* Please note that all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

VMG4005-B Series, Application diagram

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