Zyxel is committed to taking responsibility on environmental improvement to international rules, requirements, and standards; this is regarded as a primary task and a basic corporate duty. Zyxel initialized and proceeded with ADSL CPE series product LCA. This was verified by the qualified third party Environmental and Development Foundation against the requirements of "ISO 14045 Environmental labels and declarations—Type III environmental declarations—Principles and procedures."

An environmental product declaration (EPD) defines and provides quantitative descriptions of the environmental performance of a product based on selected the category parameters from ISO 14040 series standardizations; it does not, however, eliminate other environmental information for company. The rules for environmental impact elements and computation of correspondence parameters for product category rules (PCR) shall be constructed before verifying the EPD for the selected category. Using EPD methodology and ISO standards, focal points shall be defined and declared, such as:


Natural resources depletion, g/Sb


Energy depletion, J (Joules)


Water depletion, dm3


Global warming potential, kg/CO2


Stratospheric ozone depletion


Air toxicity, volume of bad air


Water toxicity


Photochemical ozone creation


Air acidification potential, g/SO2


Water eutrophication, g/PO43−


Hazardous waste production, kg


PCR for SOHO and Home Gateways

EPD for ADSL CPE product series


In 2007, Zyxel was the first networking equipment company in the world to adopt the set of PCR (HOME GATEWAY) for the ADSL CPE product category. In 2008, Zyxel became the first networking company to be successfully awarded the Certificate of Achievement and admitted to Global Environmental Declarations Network, which is an international nonprofit association of type III environmental declaration organizations and practitioners. In 2013, Telecom Italia SpA, Italy Politecnico di Torino, collaborated with Zyxel to rename (based on UN CPC 47223) and update the PCR (HOME AND SOHO GATEWAYS, EPD no: 2013:10) and registry for the Environmental Product Declaration system, EPD®.