Zyxel Communications hold “Walk from Heart Walkathon 2022” to encourage a low-carbon lifestyle

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 18, 2022 – As more governments, companies, and institutions are pledging to reduce carbon emissions aiming to achieve the net-zero emissions objective by 2050, Zyxel Communications is no exception. The company recently is running a two-month “Walk from Heart Walkathon 2022” competition to raise the employees’ awareness, and make the low-carbon lifestyle a vision among the company.

Zyxel believes sustainability begins with individuals. By engaging all Zyxel employees to learn, execute, and influence more people on the green journey, Zyxel turns its sustainability mission into corporate culture. From 2021 onward, Zyxel headquarters annually organizes the “Walk from Heart” Walkathon event that encourages all Zyxel employees to take practical actions in reducing carbon emissions and enhancing personal health – by consciously replacing scooter rides and car drives with walking or biking during daily commutes.

In addition to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, Zyxel also gives compassion. For every 8,000 steps accumulated during the walkathon event, Zyxel donates NT$5 to charity organizations in Taiwan on behalf of all participating employees, making sustainability and social contribution an inseparable part of its corporate culture.

The Zyxel “Walk from Heart” Walkathon 2022 event is taking place from February to April, with 336 employees from the Zyxel headquarters participating. Learn more about the number of steps accumulated up to now https://zyxelsp.com/WFH


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