Zyxel Communications partners with TELE-POST Greenland to enhance connectivity on world’s largest island

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Copenhagen Denmark, May 18, 2021 — Zyxel Communications is joining TELE-POST Greenland in providing reliable connectivity solutions to the entire country of Greenland.

TELE-POST Greenland is the country’s sole telecommunications company, providing broadband and cellular service to 56,000 citizens on the island. With a staff of around 360, TELE-POST Greenland keeps all settlements, even the smallest villages, connected to the outside world through radio, TV and telephone link.

TELE-POST Greenland needed a reliable vendor with flexible solutions to meet its customers’ needs. When searching for a partner, Zyxel Communications did not demand a minimum purchase size like many of its competitors and instead focused on cooperation to ensure TELE-POST Greenland had the proper solutions to best serve the country’s residents.

Through this partnership, Zyxel is providing the VMG8825, a dual-band wireless AC/N VDSL2 combo WAN Gigabit IAD, that gives TELE-POST Greenland customers high-speed VDSL internet access.

“Zyxel became an obvious choice because of its flexibility and complete customer service experience,” said Taatsiannguaq Fleischer, product manager, TELE-POST Greenland. “The company was friendly and provided us with all the important information we needed, including test modems and a direct line to technicians—not account managers. I had a gut feeling we would work well together, and that has proven true.”

Read the full Zyxel and TELE-POST Greenland success story here.


About TELE-POST Greenland

From 1925 the Danish State ran TELE with orders coming directly from Copenhagen. As a consequence of the introduction of Home Rule in 1979, all telecommunication services were taken over in 1987, and during 1989 and 1990 TELE's management moved to Nuuk. On 1 January 1994, the Greenland telecommunication service provider became a shareholding company owned by the Greenland Home Rule, and was given the name of TELE Greenland A/S.

By the late 1980s, after nearly 20 years of stable operation, the analog telecommunications network was becoming outdated. In 1990 TELE Greenland started to digitize the satellite systems, introducing digital telephone exchanges and creating a 2000-km radio link. In 1996 Greenland became the second country in the world, second to Iceland, with a fully digitalized telecommunications network servicing even the remotest settlement – a future-proofed system geared to supporting the service needs of a modern, dynamic society. www.tele.gl


About Zyxel Communications

Zyxel Communications delivers technological innovations and has connected the world to the Internet for more than 30 years. Whether it’s a matter of establishing access through fixed or mobile broadband solutions, Zyxel Communications offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of products that’s keeping service providers ahead of the competition.

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