Zyxel Communications partners with Chunghwa Telecom to establish national standard for product environmental footprint

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 15, 2024 –Zyxel Communications, an industry-leading provider of secure broadband networking, internet access, and connected home products, partnered with Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s largest telecommunications operator, to formulate Taiwan’s nation-wide standard of Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) for Customer Premises Equipment of Broadband and Communications, which also aligns with worldwide standards for TYPE III environmental labels.


The Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules are designed to establish a common baseline for companies operating in Taiwan or internationally to calculate and disclose environmental information and compare against other products, goods and services of the same function. With this standard, all future network equipment manufacturers can benchmark their environmental footprint with reduced interpretation errors, ensuring fairness and transparency as companies aim to meet the expectations of various stakeholders.

By quantifying and disclosing information such as greenhouse gas effects, resource depletion, biotoxicity, acidification, eutrophication and other environmental impacts resulting from the product life cycle, this new standard pushes companies to go beyond the traditional one-dimensional carbon footprint metric and support a more environmentally conscious consumer.

This initiative is not only an industry first but also marks a big step in the development of green technology in Taiwan, elevating the industrial sustainability level on the international stage.

Following the successes of establishing the PEFCR standards, Zyxel Communications was recognized by receiving the Green Gold Collaboration Awards at the 2023 ESG Supplier Partner Exchange, hosted by Chunghwa Telecom. With the theme, “Joining Forces to Protect Ecology, Heading Towards a Net-Zero Future”, the event supplied an opportunity for high-level executives to collaborate and put the PEFCR standards into action as Zyxel continues its path to net-zero by 2040.

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