Extend broadband connectivity to remote locations with Zyxel outdoor 4G router

Convert LTE mobile broadband into wired or wireless connectivity anywhere

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Hsinchu Taiwan, 19 November 2015 — Zyxel Communications today announced the launch of a new Outdoor 4G Router, the LTE7410, which shares LTE mobile broadband with wired or Wi-Fi devices anywhere there is a mobile signal, ideal for remote locations where broadband fixed lines are not available, or businesses looking for a backup for their existing broadband subscriptions.

Zyxel is a global leader in broadband networking technology, providing a comprehensive portfolio of wired and wireless network solutions for telecommunications service providers, small- to medium-sized businesses and home users.

For those organizing an outdoor event or staying in a temporary location, broadband connectivity can be a challenge as fixed lines are not available or economically viable. Purpose-built to solve the challenge, the ZyXEL LTE7410 is an outdoor 4G LTE router which converts the ultrafast 4G LTE mobile broadband into wired or wireless connectivity, depending on the devices connected to the LTE7410.

Simply insert a 4G SIM card into the Zyxel LTE7410 and fix it to the outside of a building or on a pole. Connect the LTE7410 to a router, gateway, access point, or network device that has an Ethernet interface, the LTE7410 will then communicate with the local LTE base stations and allow network devices to take advantage of the ultrafast 4G LTE mobile broadband. This connection can be wired or wireless, depending on what devices are connected to the LTE7410.

The LTE7410 features multiband support (Band 3/7/20) which covers 70% of the LTE network deployments worldwide. Its high gain antenna (10 dBi) delivers stronger signal transmission and reception. Indeed, in field trials the LTE7410 was found to communicate bi-directionally with LTE base stations in 25 kilometers away. For fixed line broadband users, the LTE7410 can act as a backup WAN (wide area network) when their fixed line connection fails or is congested.

The LTE7410 delivers flexible network configuration through both bridge and routing mode. With these two built-in modes, the LTE7410 can be easily integrated into the network whether it’s connected to a gateway, a router, or an access point. Its IP67 housing protection also guarantees the robust connectivity even in harsh outdoor conditions.

“We have seen mobile broadband deployments growing rapidly worldwide and it is expected to grow even further in the next few years,” says Wayne Hwang, VP of ZyXEL Gateway Business Unit. “It means mobile broadband networks will become more prevalent than ever, and having the LTE7410means users will benefit from the ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage wherever they are. The Zyxel LTE7410 Outdoor 4G Router is the best offer out there that is easy to set up and comes with the performance and protection matching outdoor use.”

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