Zyxel OPAL brings resilience and agility to your services


The winning element

Years ago, Zyxel took the lead in developing our own operating system to guarantee quick and easy adaption to any new chipset, as well as consistency and ease of use for you – our service providers.

This led us to OPAL, our modular software architecture and open framework, based almost entirely on customer feedback. Designed in-house, OPAL supports custom-made applications and services, seamless and simple migration to new technology, and convenient management. The platform greatly reduces development time, allowing you to maintain premium-level service, even as the technology evolves. Today, Zyxel OPAL is highly regarded as a winning element by our customers around the world.

Faster time to market

OPAL is an operator-oriented platform. Using the platform, service providers can access tailor-made products that meet the customer demands of different regions with a shortened product development time. This saves time on debugging, testing, and training of technicians, when service providers wish to launch new and customized services.


One seamless, familiar experience

With the OPAL platform, Zyxel can build products with a consistent operating environment, where the backend/GUI is always the same, familiar setting. This gives service providers a consistent experience while migrating to new technology, which over time reduces operational expenses for training technicians or providing technical support to customers.

OPAL has been applied to a wide range of Zyxel products supporting mainstream broadband technologies including DSL, Ethernet, fiber, and 4G LTE/5G NR.

Decades of know-how at your service

With decades of experience working with leading service providers, Zyxel uses accumulated know-how to deliver mature specifications – to avoid a prolonged hassle in debugging and testing. Our customer-oriented approach helps service providers offer premium, value-added broadband services ahead of the competition.


Take your services to the next level with resilience and agility from Zyxel OPAL


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As for all Zyxel products - you will experience state of the art technology such as our unique OPAL software and our eco-friendly focus on product packaging, product housing designs and optimized plastic usage.