Multy Pro FAQ

1. What does Multy mean

"Multy" is short for "Multiply" as in "Multy WiFi Performance. Multiply WiFi Speed. Multiply WiFi Range"

2. What is Multy Pro?
3. What is MeshIQ
4. Does Zyxel Managed WiFi system or Multy Pro form a single WiFi network?
5. What Zyxel models will be supported by Multy Pro
6. How much does Multy Pro cost?
7. Do you need Zyxel RG for whole home wifi?
8. What WiFi Extenders does Zyxel have?
9. How many WiFi Extenders can be connected to Multy Pro network?
10. Do I need WiFi extenders to take advantage of Multy Pro functionality?
11. Multy Pro needs a single WiFi network - but can I still have multiple SSIDs?
12. If the Multy Pro gateway is set up for multiple SSID’s instead of one, will band steering still operate?
13. Will Zyxel managed WiFi system work with Extenders from other vendors?
14. Can I enable Multy Pro and still have a seperate SSID for IPTV Video streaming?
15. Isn't is just easier to have customers buy their own WiFi system?
16. What changes can end-users make to the RG and Network using the Multy Pro Mobile App?
17. How do I get Multy Pro if I’m an existing customer already using either EMG3425 or VMG4825?
18. How do I get Multy Pro if I’m new customer considering deploying Multy Pro enabled VMG4825 or EMG3425 along with Zyxel WiFi Extender – WAP6804?
19. How do I get Multy Pro if I’m an existing customer of EMG3425 or VMG4825 who uses custom configuration flashed on to the devices?
20. Is it possible to set-up separate Guest WiFi network with Multy Pro?
21. Do I need a mobile app to configure Multy Pro?
22. What is the name of the Multy Pro App?
23. When will the App be available for downloading?
24. Can a Service Provider deny access of the App if they so choose?
25. How do I search for app on Google Play App store?