Smart Home – Forging Ahead in the Digital Home with Wi-Fi 6

  • today June 16, 2021
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patrick motrno


Patrick Moreno

Product Marketing Manager

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The Smart Home has evolved at a rapid pace with more innovative devices that help aid in our home digital life. With the convenience of these Smart devices comes an influx of installing, connecting, and interacting with these devices starts to add more complexity for the subscribers to manage. Since most of the Smart Home devices require a Wi-Fi connection, having a hassle-free Wi-Fi experience is essential for use. This raises the question of your existing home Wi-Fi, does my Wi-Fi meet the needs of today’s Smart Home devices? The good news is you can with Wi-Fi 6 (11AX). Wi-Fi 6 is the latest in whole-home Wi-Fi with faster speeds, extended coverage, more connected devices, and compatibility with existing Wi-Fi 5 (11AC) and Wi-Fi 4 (11N) devices you may already have installed now...