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Wi-Fi 6/6E Solutions

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Wi-Fi 6/6E: A true game changer

Your customers expect super-fast and reliable connectivity from their Wi-Fi experience both at home and in the workplace. However, the growing number of connected appliances has led to congestion in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Wi-Fi 6E offers a significant step forward, leveraging a new spectrum exclusively for devices supporting Wi-Fi 6 or above ‑ empowers service providers to increase the speed and capacity of Wi-Fi services in environments crowded with connected devices, even during peak hours.

Zyxel Wi-Fi 6/6E Solutions keep you ahead of the competition. Our comprehensive product portfolio with Mesh capabilities helps you address the unique requirements of each customer. You can deliver a consistently rich customer experience and unparalleled Wi-Fi performance to meet today’s and tomorrow’s critical connectivity needs.

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Stay ahead, stay competitive

Zyxel’s modular, value‑added OPAL software platform allows you to maintain uninterrupted premium service even as Wi-Fi technology evolves. With Zyxel OPAL, you can shorten time‑to‑market while launching custom applications or new services, giving you an ample head start on the competition.


Less cost, more smiles

Zyxel Wi-Fi 6/6E portfolio supports standard-based TR‑069/TR‑181 remote management protocols. You can process configuration, upgrade software, run diagnostics, and provide management all from your own support center located anywhere. These powerful, built‑in management features greatly reduce your service expenses while enhancing customer satisfaction with fewer truck rolls.

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Keep up the pace with familiar interfaces

All Zyxel CPE products inherit a self‑adaptive, easy‑to‑navigate UI design that offers clear wizard instruction and visual clues for your customers during setup or daily management. Save the time and cost of training technicians after upgrading services to Wi-Fi 6/6E.

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Rapid delivery of services for smart homes

Zyxel integrates OpenSync 2.2 into the selected Wi-Fi 6 CPEs to support Plume's robust SaaS Experience platform. Service providers have the options to choose between Zyxel's MPro Mesh™ intelligent Wi-Fi with TR-069 remote management or Plume's integrated platform, HomePass® Smart Home Suite or Haystack™ Data Prediction and Analytics Suite to satisfy their subscribers.


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Fit to your broadband strategies

Our comprehensive Wi-Fi 6/6E portfolio supports major broadband technologies such as 5G NR, PON, active fiber, DSL, and Ethernet. No matter what infrastructure you already have in place, we have the upgrade solutions for you.

Zyxel Wi-Fi 6/6E* Solutions incorporate a range of cost-competitive to premium product series. We help you enhance competitive edges by extending flexible broadband service profiles to satisfy versatile needs for either price-sensitive or bandwidth-intensive power users.


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