SDG Details

Ethics and corporate governance

Decent work and economic growth
  • Zyxel consistently raises the salary bottom line of all employees to achieve the goal of equal pay for equal work by offering the basic salary and remuneration in accordance with work employment type and significance of the working location.
  • Zyxel proactively protects the rights and interests of employees and promotes workplace safety to minimize occupational accidents. The occurrence rate of disabling injury in 2019 was 0.
  • Zyxel invites professional physical therapists to deliver stress-relieving services for employees and provides disadvantaged people with employment opportunities.
  • Zyxel continuously develops the latest broadband access technology and solutions that assist our service provider customers in boosting subscriber satisfaction.
  • Zyxel improves product manufacturing process and energy consumption efficiency in phases.
Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Zyxel continues to stimulate innovation and increase the number of R&D personnel. Today, R&D accounts for over 40% of the employees, of which 75% have more than 10 years of working experience.
  • Zyxel supports R&D and innovation in developing countries by providing solid broadband access solutions and creating an environment that helps diversify industrial developments and increase product values.
  • Zyxel significantly improves ICT accessibility through affordable broadband access solutions in areas classified as the least developed countries.

Environmental protection

Clean water and sanitation
  • Zyxel eliminates toxic chemicals and hazardous substances throughout the supply chain and the entire product manufacturing process to minimize untreated wastewater.
  • Zyxel commissions inspectors to check the sewage pipe network of the Hsinchu Science Park annually to ensure discharged wastewater meets applicable environmental standards.
  • Zyxel introduces water-saving faucets and toilets to limit the amount of water used for cleaning and plant watering, adjusts the cooling tower inlet/outlet ratio, and promotes water conservation habits.
Sustainable cities and communities
  • Zyxel continually reduces power usage and increases efficiency of networking products to surpass existing regulations for less energy consumption and minimal carbon footprint. 
  • A number of energy-saving policies were implemented in Zyxel, including less unnecessary lighting, higher cooling water temperatures, stairs instead of elevators, glass-roof patio on the top floor for free daytime lighting, LED bulbs as lighting replacements, and infrared-activated lights in public areas such as hallways and parking lots.
  • The Zyxel Park adjacent the office not only increases accessible green space but also provides a leisure area for employees to unwind.
  • Zyxel organizes a series of environmental protection workshops for Earth Day and World Environment Day.
  • All depleted batteries are recycled in accordance with regulations, and commuters' motorcycles are periodically checked for exhaust quality to ensure reduced pollution.
Responsible consumption and production
  • As the first networking product brand to obtain the EPA carbon footprint label, Zyxel demands suppliers and developers consider environmental impacts for all product life cycle stages according to the ISO14006 Environmental Management System while striving for a green supply chain. Along with its suppliers, Zyxel guarantees compliance with EU environment policies and directives such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS), Batteries and Accumulators and Waste batteries and Accumulators Directive, and the Directive of Eco-design Requirements for Energy Using Products (EuP). Through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse, Zyxel significantly reduces waste release into the air, water, and soil.
  • Zyxel introduces the Product Life Management System (PLMS), a systematic and structured platform, to proactively manage and monitor the entire product development cycle while continuously optimizing product durability and service life.
  • Zyxel requires suppliers to comply with the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and follow the "reduction, reuse, and recycle" product packaging guidelines.
Life below water
  • Zyxel calls on employees to attend beach cleaning activities and work together to maintain sustainable marine resources.

Community contribution

Good health and well-being
  • Zyxel provides free annual health check-ups and regular healthcare consulting services from professional physicians to help identify potential health issues for employees and assist the company in managing related risks.
  • Zyxel provides a full-fledged lactation room for nursing moms and a health center with medical professionals who offer advice on work pattern adjustments.
  • Zyxel offers workout rooms, gymnasiums, and subsidies to employee sports clubs.
Quality education
  • For two decades, the Dr. Shun-I Chu Scholarship, created by Zyxel’s founder, has supported college and high school students with outstanding academic or sports achievement, benefitting almost 400 students every year.
  • Zyxel established "Progressive Foundation of Education" to promote community welfare activities and equal educational opportunities while supporting talent-development plans.
  • Zyxel organizes volunteer teams and raises funds to assist children with intellectual disabilities and students from economically disadvantaged families.
Reduced inequalities
  • Zyxel partners with ISPs around the world to build wired and wireless infrastructure with Zyxel-sponsored products that provide internet access and educational resources for schoolchildren in rural or lockdown areas, reducing the resource gaps between urban and rural communities.