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VoIP Media Gateway Solutions

A competitive approach to service delivery

Enhance network convergence

Modern subscribers demand higher quality, greater flexibility, and added scalability from today’s telephony services. Not surprisingly, traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) infrastructure struggles to keep up with these expectations. Advances in the speed and reliability of broadband technologies drive the growing popularity of IP-based voice communications, making VoIP the top choice for service providers worldwide to replace PSTN service.

Zyxel VoIP Media Gateway Solutions provide the perfect opportunity to gain a competitive edge from convergent services. Incorporating a comprehensive product portfolio covering diverse internet access technologies, Zyxel solutions offer superior interoperability to meet your diverse deployment needs. Our extensive experience and technological expertise has helped many service providers minimize TCO by leveraging existing copper infrastructure, simplifying maintenance with unique product designs, and delivering mature remote management features.



Advantages of switching to VoIP deployment

  • check_circle_outlineEasy scalability: Expand telephony services easily on existing internet architecture.
  • check_circle_outlineConvergent services: Create new business opportunities by offering premium services that take advantage of broadband.
  • check_circle_outlineCost-efficiency: Upgrade services while reducing investment in real estate, electricity, and equipment procurement.

What benefits can Zyxel VoIP Media Gateway Solutions offer?

Unified platform provides service upgrade with low CAPEX

Zyxel VoIP Media Gateway Solutions incorporate multiple technologies into one unified platform. Service providers can upgrade their service offerings with more advanced broadband technology, leveraging existing copper and telephony infrastructure.


Boost revenues by providing multiple services to more subscribers

Zyxel VoIP Media Gateway Solutions help you quickly monetize your investment by expanding services to more subscribers at a no additional cost while generating new business opportunities through IP video calls and triple-play services. Additionally, our solutions can effectively reduce OPEX by saving on real estate, maintenance, and electrical costs.


Deploy different scenarios with comprehensive high-density access technologies

Zyxel VoIP Media Gateway Solutions incorporate a comprehensive, highly interoperable product portfolio from chassis to pizza box MSANs with multiple high-density access technologies, including POTS, DSL, fiber, E1, and 10G uplinks to fulfill a full range of deployment scenarios.