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SecuExtender Zero Trust
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Go Beyond VPN

VPN Quick Setup

Four Perimeter Security Challenges, SecuExtender can Help

BYOD Security Risks

SecuExtender adapts Zero Trust principle to help IT verify user’s identity, enforcing admission control to increase security level.

Administrative Overhead

When managing tens or hundreds of remote endpoints/traveling employees from the cloud, network admins can centralize provisioning configuration faster.

Network Congestion

Mitigate the bottleneck, increase productivity by throttling the VPN client traffic bounded for the office network.

VPN Client Flexibility

Flexible VPN options, one license for multi-platforms and subscription-based for easier access to new features.

Extend the Working Experience with Zero Trust Network Security

Businesses from small to large all need to get ready for the growing demands of an increasingly mobile workforce and distributed work site expansions. As to protect your businesses from inside out, you need the right VPN service to apply proper access control.

As to reinforce security for hybrid network, we elevate SecuExtender as the Zero Trust agent, integrated always-on IPSec VPN, traffic shaping, IKEv2/EAP, supporting devices insight and more granular control over remote workplaces.

IPSec VPN Client

The New IPSec VPN Client Subscription​

The new time-based subscription* and perpetual licenses are available for IPSec VPN Client, enabling you to customize for your business needs. The IPSec VPN Client supports your remote workforce, gives you peace of mind from access anywhere outside the office. Whether you’re in office or home office, it is a security-conscious VPN service, providing one of the best way to protect your privacy as you communicate over the Internet!

*Noted: The Windows version software must be activated with a license key from SecuExtender IPSec VPN Client Subscription Service for Windows/macOS (1YR/3YR license). The software is not compatible with the license key from legacy SecuExtender IPSec VPN Windows Client.

Zyxel SecuExtender VPN Client (IPSec VPN/SSL VPN) now works with Windows 11 and macOS 12, all while protecting your businesses. See how to configure Nebula remote access VPN:
VPN Quick Setup
Ultra-secure Access to the Office Network Anywhere

The IPSec VPN Client is designed with an easy 3-step configuration wizard to help employees create remove VPN connections quicker than ever. It also provides an easy scalability by storing a unique duplicable file of configuration and parameters.

The VPN configurations and security elements including pre-shared key, certificates, IKEv2 can be saved on a USB disk in order to remove authentication information from the computer. Users can easily monitor their remote applications and data as if they were in the office.

Secure Remote Access

  • Ensure secure and reliable data transmission
  • Support Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for strengthen protection*
  • Added stronger key exchange (DH) group and algorithms

Enhanced Usability

  • Windows and macOS operating system supported
  • Flexible subscription plan and easy to renew/purchase online
  • Immediate access to all latest updates and future releases

Simple Deployment

  • Effective provisioning via VPN wizard with IKEv2 initiated
  • Intuitive panel with 25 multilingual support
  • Easy VPN configuration can be saved as a portable file

* Two-factor authentication works with ATP/USG FLEX/USG/VPN series

SSL VPN Client

Access Your Company Network Remotely

Remote work is becoming the new normal, secured verification of devices and data is imperative. The SSL VPN Client is a lite VPN software which is provided to set up secured connection without the common difficulties. The SSL VPN allows not only you but also your employees to expand network access wherever you are travelling, mobile, or in homes. We keep your data safeguarded at all times.

Software Download
SSL VPN—Business Internet Access On the Go

The SSL VPN Client keeps you connected securely and productive on the go. Their set of features fulfill the need to securely access corporate resources over the internet regardless of the location.

Easy to Use

  • Deployment the SSL VPN is a simple and stress-free process, just download it, install it and you are good to connect

High Compatibility

  • Support for strong encryption options and secured authentication methods
  • Super easy for mobile users to build connections from all kinds of environments

High Scale Flexibility

  • For both small businesses and large corporations equipping their remote workforce, the SSL VPN represents an efficient and affordable secured solution for projects of all sizes


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* All specifications are subject to change without notice.