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Google Drive Backup Function Temporarily Unavailable on ZyXEL Network Storage Products

Google has recently terminated the Google Documents List application programming interface (API) v3.0. As a result, the Google Drive functionality will be temporarily unavailable on the Zyxel range of network storage products (NSA/NAS Series).

Which firmware versions are affected?

Google Drive will no longer work in all versions of firmware up to v5.03. In v5.04 we have disabled the feature.

What is Zyxel doing about it?

We‘re currently working on migrating the API to the new Google platform, unfortunately there is no backwards compatibility with the new API so everything related to Google Drive needs to be rebuilt. We will re-enable the Google Drive feature in an upcoming firmware update.

When will the issue be fixed?

Because we’re still working on this, we don’t have a specific date when we expect to have this working again by. However, we’re doing all we can to make this as soon as possible, and we’re targeting to re-enable it before the end of the year.