Empowering Community Services through Network Transformation with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Club HEAL strove to enhance its services and activities for the broader community, but its current network infrastructure fell short and needed improvement. They faced difficulties in efficiently managing and troubleshooting network issues. The lack of centralized management and real-time insights hindered the IT staff's ability to address network problems promptly. Additionally, they hoped to achieve enhanced network performance and scalability. Upon consulting with their system integrator, Contfinity, they discovered that Zyxel's Nebula solution perfectly aligns with their requirements. They installed Zyxel WiFi 6 access points and switches at its branch, Club HEAL BBE, improving network stability and speed. The devices can be centrally managed via the Nebula cloud platform, enabling high network management efficiency and visibility of network activities. The solution enables efficient network management by providing real-time device status, allowing IT staff to promptly identify and resolve network problems. Thanks to the new infrastructure, and services from Contfinity and value-added distributor Go Nimbus, Club HEAL BBE can focus more on serving their community and less on fixing network issues. Zyxel's solution has demonstrated scalability, enabling Club HEAL BBE to meet the evolving needs of their community without the limitations of their previous networking infrastructure. Additionally, they have significantly improved the user experience for clients and staff. The faster and more stable network has contributed to an enhanced overall experience for everyone involved.

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