Zyxel Makes Strong Connections for Both Networks and People

COVID-19 dealt a blow for the Monsignor Luigi Biraghi Institute, with social distancing and isolation measures meaning its ailing residents could no longer receive visits from family members. And the resulting rise in video calls put a heavy burden on the parish’s wireless network. To increase its network’s capacity to handle the surging demand, the institute turned to Zyxel partner G7 International. The task was imposing given the institute’s large size, spanning Building A, with 25 rooms housing 52 residents and six rooms for public use, and Building B, with 81 rooms for 146 residents and six offices, including 17 network points with workstations for institute staff. The renewal of the network has delivered reliable, high-speed WiFi throughout both buildings, including every square foot of the office areas and in every room. Now, thanks to the network’s segmentation and Nebula cloud-based centralized management, the institute can easily keep the network running and ensure smooth loading and stock management in the warehouse. Most importantly, though, residents can now see and speak with their loved ones anytime without fear of dropped or laggy calls – a prime example of how Nebula facilitates better connections both for networks and people.

The pandemic has taught us to evolve in many ways, including on the technology front, to guarantee a smile to those who are far from their loved ones.

Alessandra Della Pietra
Project Coordinator, Monsignor Luigi Biraghi Institute

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