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Network Perimeters Need Extra Layers of Protection

New workplace flexibilities has given us the ability to connect, share, and collaborate from anywhere. Now there are more roaming users connected to branch offices and cloud apps. Securing your business is no longer only about securing the network.


Workers use SaaS apps at work without approval from IT department*1


Mobile workers do not use VPN for Internet access when working*2


Increase in business SaaS apps by 2025*3

Detect More Attacks, Protect More Roaming Users

As networks are becoming more decentralized, apps and data are served from multiple resources on-premises along with public cloud services. While having access to all these off-network activities and all these services online, the boundaries are much more difficult to define and consequently defend from attacks.

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Borderless Perimeter Security with Astra

Astra service secure your remote users that are roaming everywhere outside existing perimeter. It puts all aspects of security protection back into the hands of the network administrator and allows them to monitor and secure users regardless of their locations.

Predict & Prevention

Ability to identify people, device, and applications for authentication and access control


Real-time web-browsing detection for what is being identified as malicious


Timely actions to various levels of threats by determined policies

Features of Astra Portal and App

Features Portal App
Status Monitoring *4
Overview & Analysis for All Members
Content Filter Policy
Website/IP Block Monitoring *4
Website/IP Block Monitoring for All Members
Website/IP Block Alert *4
Website/IP Block Alert for All Members
Member Management
Device Management

Manage Endpoints from One Place

Astra portal is a unified platform to help your IT administrators to easily manage employees' devices. Astra coordinates and prioritizes alert, reports, analysis of abnormal events, provide instant visibility and control with customized security requirements such as policy settings and blocking websites before any data breaches.

Intelligence-led Security

See the latest abnormal activities viewed by event or member. Predict and identify which of these suspicious events qualify as malicious attacks. Investigate a threat analysis by going through its detailed graph of real-time web-browsing detection comparing to last 7 day or 24 hours.

Custom Content Filtering Block Access

Prevent threats by configuring content filtering profile, adding profile with restricted content categories for different members. Add forbidden website URLs into blacklisted or whitelisted groups that members are not allow to access based on your business needs.

Threat Statistics

View popular threats, blocked web URLs, malicious sites and IP address to help distinguish what is being identified as malicious through activities and threat map. Track event details and gives visibility into past events of the blocked reasons, owner, and online/offline status.

Network Traffic Analysis and Security Indicator

Timely traffic monitoring and 7-day historical data storage for admin, warning you with app notification and email alerts when a traffic event matches your rule criteria. Summary ranking for most blocked member, blocked website/IP, and blocked device to allow you monitor the members more effectivity.

Easy to Setup and Use with Astra App

Protect you and your employees from phishing and exploit attacks, by enhancing your endpoint security with engineless Astra. You can also control and manage the mobile device’s safety without sacrificing performance. Get ahead of malicious threats anytime and anywhere with Astra app.

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Your feedback helps us decide which features to build and what enhancements should be made to Astra Service. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  4. *4 The features are only available for member role