Management and Reporting

Cloud CNM SecuReporter


I See. I Analyze. I Report.

Our Approaches

The Zyxel CNM SecuReporter is a cloud-based intelligent analytics and report service with collection and correlation features designed for ZyWALL & Nebula product lines. It provides network administrators with centralized view of network activities.

Nebula Together

Enable security indicators, activities, and traffics of Nebula secure network Learn more

Cloud CNM SecuReporter, Security Service

User Aware Analysis

Quickly assesses risky user with in-depth analytics Learn more

Cloud CNM SecuReporter, Security Service

Customized Reports

Custom analytics designed to cater for both individual users as well as Resellers and MSPs Learn more

Cloud CNM SecuReporter, Security Service

Clear Analytics

From identifying IP and usernames to sandbox activity scanning all in one report Learn more

Client Identity

Identify abnormal behavior with client device information Learn more

Ease of setup and monitor

Visualization and easy search allows you to drill into data and analyze quicker Learn more

SecuReporter Dashboard

We care about your experience. We provide clearer monitoring, alerting, reporting, and analysis platforms. We improved the flexibility of dashboard size and color. There are much more to help your business get 360 degrees protection.


Identify Abnormal Behavior by User Aware

Sophisticated attacks circumvent these defenses with stealthy, targeted, and persistent attacks. SecuReporter is able to find abnormal behavior, so that IT can take an action on ZyWALL series.

Analyzing Security Data from Real-time Alerts

From user view to geographic view, SecuReporter provides different severity alerts to help IT identify various types of threat.