Added flexibility that makes smart working more secure

Added flexibility that makes smart working more secure

Time-based subscriptions for Zyxel’s IPSec VPN Client are now available, providing more flexibility and giving partners a useful way to discuss the long-term approach to network management with customers, says Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel.

As the pace of change has accelerated over the last couple of years, we have seen growing acceptance and adoption of the “as-a-service” approach to consuming IT services. This is now the clear direction of travel. Rather than buying a product or solution outright, more organisations are opting to pay on a subscription. The benefits are less commitment, lower initial outlay, and greater flexibility.

This is an option Zyxel is introducing on more of its products, including security appliances and services. As part of that we are now offering one-year or three-year subscriptions for our IPSec VPN Client. There are options to suit customers of all sizes – for one, five, 10 or 50 VPNs.

Previously the IPSec VPN Client was available only as a perpetual licence. You would buy it outright by making a one-off payment. While this gave you certainty, it also meant that you needed to commit to using that licence for a period of time, to ensure you achieved return on investment.

Easier equation

With the new time-based options, you don’t need to make that commitment. With the pace of change we see in cybersecurity now you will need to upgrade your network protection quite frequently. It’s certainly advisable for all organisations to review their digital protection regularly, and it thus makes more sense to retain a degree of flexibility.

The outcome of any such review will confirm and underline the value and importance of VPNs. Zyxel’s IPSec VPN Client provides a fast, dependable, and convenient way of protecting remote links connections into the central network. Smart and home working is most definitely here to stay, and the IPSec VPN Client provides an ultra-secure and totally private connection for remote users.

More options

It is important to note that the option of purchasing a perpetual licence for the IPSec VPN Client is still there – and for many customers that may be the best choice. But you do now have the extra flexibility of a one-year or three-year term. For our end-user customers who moving towards the as-a-service and subscription approach, it is worth considering these options.

For our partners, the new options are something you’ll want to let your customers know about. Introducing them could be a good way to start a broader conversation about managed services options and the Zyxel Nebula platform, which is becoming more and more popular as a core offering for our MSP partners.