Can I set up my own network security?

The answer is ‘Yes’ if you feel entirely confident about doing that. But you do need to exercise caution and, if you are in any way uncertain about what to do, you should seek out expert help. We know from customer feedback that what small businesses really want when it comes to security is simplicity. But they also want to know that they are safe, of course.

Our new range of USG security appliances – the first of which (the USG LITE 60AX) we launched at the start of June – provides a good all-round level of protection for SMBs and is also designed to be simple to set-up and manage. You don’t need a good understanding of technology and how digital security works to install and set-up one of these devices. But if you need more protection or a more complete product to be sure that you’re making the best and most appropriate use of its capabilities, we’d advise you to call on the expertise of one of our accredited security partners.

They’ll be able to talk to you about the different options and settings, and your overall digital and network security posture. They may even be able to offer remote configuration and management of devices. Indeed, if you’re not confident about setting up a Zyxel Networks USG, that’s not a problem, as they can be installed and configured remotely over the web by a trusted partner.

If you have any questions about setting up a Zyxel Networks USG appliance – or about network security and protection in general, please get in touch with your nearest Zyxel Networks office or security partner.