How much network security protection is enough protection?

Asking how much network security protection a business needs is like asking about the length of a piece of string. You can have as much or as little as you think you need. But you definitely do need some protection and if you are going to have it anywhere, it should probably be at the gateway to your network.

This is where you would be deploying a unified security gateway, like our new USG LITE 60AX. This is one of a new breed of firewall appliances we’re launching this year that provide first-level security features and the simple set-up and management that SMBs want. They are also very affordable for small businesses.

Of course, what works for one business, won’t necessarily work for others. If you have clients’ personal information and banking details, for example, or your manufacturing processes or simply a recipe you wish to keep secret stored on your network, you’re going to need a lot more security than say, a coffee shop. Or at the very least, a different kind of protection.

The point is that the network security you have in place needs to be proportionate and appropriate to your needs. We’ll be releasing a whole family of new USG appliances this year that will give you different options. While you’ll probably have a good idea of what kind of protection you need, we’d always advise you to take advice from a trusted expert on network security. If you contact your local Zyxel Networks office or contact us directly, we’ll happily put you in touch with your nearest authorised Zyxel Networks security partner.