How Nebula can turn partners into MSPs

For IT reseller businesses, the future is considered by many to be managed services. But for most partners, getting started down that road is a challenge. It requires new skills and a platform that will enable remote management of individual devices and the network as a whole.

Nebula is our cloud management platform that makes this possible. From the outset, Nebula was designed to make it easy for our products to be installed, configured, monitored and managed remotely. It’s now a fairly mature service and we’ve made hundreds of improvements and enhancements to it over the last couple of years.

It’s also designed to be easy for partners to learn and use. The managed service provider (MSP) licence allows partners to manage multiple sites and networks through a single console view – and even allows technicians to monitor networks and adjust settings on a smartphone.

Many of our partners are already making use of Nebula to create their own managed services business. We provide full training and personalised support, allowing you to build your customer base and gain confidence. If you’d like to know how you can start your journey to becoming an MSP – simply, and without any major up-front investment – get in touch with our team.

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