Making security easier to manage with USG FLEX

Making security easier to manage with USG FLEX

The launch of further additions to the USG FLEX series this springtime will herald the arrival of Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management platform on the range, giving customers the protection and ease of management that they want from security appliances now. Thorsten Kurpjuhn, Security Market Development Manager Europe at Zyxel looks forward to their arrival.

This springtime we will introduce additional models to the USG FLEX range. This launch will mark a new phase in the evolution of what has been – since it was first introduced around ten years ago –one of Zyxel’s most of popular product families.

USG FLEX, as you’d expect, builds on the strengths and qualities that have made the USG series so successful. And the addition of these new models will be a big step forward in the ongoing development of the range, as it will see support our cloud management solution, Nebula, being made available on the USG series for the first time.

Extending our reach

We have been adding Nebula support to all our products ranges and its arrival on the USG FLEX range is big news. It means our customers and partners can now deploy, monitor, and manage our security appliances remotely, via the web.

We’re seeing almost all our customers and partners adopt this more flexible way of controlling networking and security solutions, so it makes perfect sense for us to move in this direction. It is what you, our customers and partners want – and we are here to meet your needs. That is the only way we can be successful as a company and continue to deliver the great performance, reliability, features and protection that Zyxel security products provide.

Flexible approach

The arrival of Nebula support on the USG FLEX range also comes at a time when more businesses are looking to have more of a hybrid approach to the workplace, with employees mixing time spent in the office with remote working.

Being able to monitor traffic and activity, and manage devices and settings remotely, is therefore going to become more important for all organisations. With Nebula, network administrators or managed services providers can do everything they need to do without being physically present in the office.

Complete control

This is why the arrival of Nebula on the USG FLEX range is so significant. It provides tremendous flexibility and makes using Zyxel’s solutions right across the infrastructure a really attractive option. By using Nebula-capable switches, wireless access points and security appliances, customers and partners will be able to take complete control of their network and ensure it is running smoothly and is fully protected at all times.

The arrival of these new USG FLEX models will also see us start to phase out the previous USG lines and as more customers look to implement cloud-based management, we expect many customers will want to upgrade to the USG FLEX. To make transitioning to the new technology easier, we will be offering a trade-in program on current USG and ATP appliances for customers stepping up to USG FLEX. Full details on this – and on the new USG FLEX range with Nebula support – can be found on local websites.