WiFi 7 Benefits

Who should be the early adopters of WiFi 7?

It’s usually the case with any new technology that certain types of organisations and users stand to benefit most from early adoption. In the case of WiFi 7, it will be conference and exhibition centres, sports and concert venues, theatres, hotels and leisure centres, larger schools and colleges, hospitals, airports and railway stations – in short, anywhere in which there will be large numbers of users connecting, roaming and disconnecting and re-connecting all the time.

There would also be immediate benefits in big offices and workplaces, and in public spaces – such as open areas and parks. You can probably add guest houses, restaurants, cafes and bars to that list – certainly the bigger ones.

WiFi 7 brings big consistency and reliability improvements in such environments. Hundreds of users can be connected and can expect to experience the same level of responsiveness and quality, even when they move about a location. This means that everyone can be sure of getting a fast and stable connection. There will be no drop-offs in performance and no sudden outages.

If the WiFi network is designed well, there will be good access in all areas and with Zyxel Networks’ WiFi 7 access points, security will also be enhanced. We provide additional protection for wireless user through our Nebula cloud management platform. We also make this very easy to set up and configure when you install the new access points, which means you can be up and running in no time.

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