Why keeping software licenses up to date is vitally important

It's the software that provides protection and keeps pace with threats. If you don’t keep software licenses up to date for your security gateways and other devices, you’re making them much less effective. There’s a constant struggle going on between cybercriminals and providers of digital security systems with the former always trying to come up with new ways to circumvent network defences, and the latter trying to detect those new methods and techniques and apply changes that will prevent them from being effective.

The license renewal for your unified security gateway or firewall appliance is what pays for that work to be done. It’s the best way you have of minimizing the risk that you’ll be hit by a virus or by a ransomware attack. Without it, you won’t receive the updates that are being sent and applied to the internal software on your device almost daily, and you can't have suspicious files analyzed by the AI in the cloud to be sure you're protected. In short, you’ll be letting down your defensive shield and giving the hackers and cybercriminals that small window of opportunity.

The message then is simple, make sure you keep your licenses up to date. If you’re not sure about the renewal date, ask your reseller partner or contact us directly.